4 (x) The defiant Advent Candle

There once was a candle that was very picky – it only wanted to be lit at a very specific spot.

No, said the honey coloured candle on the advent wreath, as a lighted match came its way. I don’t want to burn, melt, dissolve, cry, shrink, until nothing is left of me. The candle shook and defended itself so much that the wick did not catch alight.

‘Ouch’ responsed the person holding the match, ‘now I am burnt myself’. A second match was lit and again neared the candle and again the candle managed to avoid the match.

‘Stupid candle’ said the person, and lit another match. It, too, did not succeed, nor did the other four that followed.

‘How mean’, said a child ‘now we have an advent wreath with only three candles.

‘No,’ said another voice ‘that won’t do’ and before the candle realised, it was ripped from the wreath and thrown out the window. It landed just as Timmi the dog was passing by. He smelt the candle, worked out it was nothing edible and headed for the small room where his master lived. He dropped the candle at the door and barked. His master, who had just lost his job and was feeling dejected, opened the door and saw the candle at Timmi’s feet.

‘Thank you Timmi’, he said, quickly lighting the candle. A soft light filled the room.

‘Look, Timmi’ said the man, ‘sometimes light reaches the darkest places and a little bit of Christmas has come into our lives.’


Translated and adapted from the story – die Trotzige Adventskerze von Elke Bräunling by Resi Schwarzbauer and edited by Herta Uhlherr.