(p) What the candle said

Four candles were alight on the Advent wreath, everything was so quiet and still that it was possible to hear what they were saying.

The first candle sighed and said,
“My name is peace. My light is shining but the people of this earth can’t live in peace.” With that its light started to falter until it finally went out.

The second candle flickered and said,
“My name is faith, but I seem superfluous. Mankind seems to have lost its way. There’s no point my staying alight.” A breeze blew the second candle out.

Now it was the third candle’s turn to speak. It said quietly and full of sorrow,
“My name is love. I do not have the strength to keep burning. I am shoved aside, people think only of themselves and neglect those whom they should care about.” With these last words, the candle faded and went out.

A child entered the room, looked at the candles and said: “Oh, you should ALL be alight, not out!” and started to cry.
Then the fourth candle spoke up and said: “Don’t be afraid. While I stay alight, the rest of the candles can also be lit again. My name is hope.

With that the child took a taper and used the flame from the candle of hope to relight the other three candles – We must keep hope alive!

Adapted by Resi Schwarzbauer and edited by Herta Uhlherr from “Vier Kerzen brannten am Adventskranz” by unknown author.