(a) The little thread

Once upon a time, there was a little cotton thread that was afraid it was not good enough as it was. It was too weak for a ship’s rope, too short to knit a jumper, too timid to connect with other threads, too colourless for embroidery. The thread felt totally useless, inadequate and unwanted, so it put on some sad music and indulged in self pity.

Meanwhile, out in the cold and scary night, a small clump of wax was wandering around in despair. “I am much too small for a fat Christmas candle on my own. I am too small to provide warmth. I am too boring to decorate a large candle. What shall I do, alone in the dark?”

The small clump of wax happened to pass the little thread looking so miserable. “I have a brilliant idea; let’s get together. We won’t became a big Christmas candle, but we can become a tea-light. It is better to light a small candle than to sit around complaining about the dark.”

Suddenly the little thread felt happy, for now it had a purpose. Together two insignificant things became one and able to light up a patch of darkness.

Perhaps there are more small, insignificant things in the world that could get together and create delight.

Author unknown – translated and adapted by Resi Schwarzbauer, edited by Herta Uhlherr.