(b) Advent – a child’s view – A school essay.

Advent is the best part of winter, a time when most people get Grippe (the flu). We also have a Krippe with a K.

Three weeks before Christmas Dad puts up the Krippe (a nativity scene) in the living room. My little sister and I are allowed to help him. I‘ve seen some very boring Krippen, but ours is exciting, it has some very cool characters in it.

Once I put Josef and Baby Jesus on top of the stove to warm them up. But Baby Jesus turned black and poor Joseph’s leg exploded and a piece ended up in the dough Mum was preparing – not a pretty sight. Mama was not at all impressed and let me have it. She also reckoned Mary standing there without her husband and child was not a good look.

Thank goodness I had other figures that could be used. Joseph is now represented by Donald Duck. I wanted to use Asterix for Baby Jesus because he’s the only one small enough to fit in the manger, but Mama said a dark, burnt Baby Jesus would be better. Behind the baby I’ve put 2 ochsen, a donkey and, because they looked a bit lonely, I’ve added a hippopotamus and a brontosaurus.

While cleaning, Dad dropped one of the three wise kings, so now there are only two, plus one wise Batman to the rescue. Normally the kings bear heaps of presents, gold, incense and fur. One of our kings has a lolly wrapper which shines as bright as gold. We don’t have any francincense, so the second king holds a Marlboro; while it‘s scent may not match the francincense, it does smoke when we light it. Wise Batman has a pistol, not meant for Baby Jesus but to protect him from the brontosaurus.

Behind the three wise kings are a few Red Indians and an angel. The angel has lost one foot, so we sat it on a motor bike. It can use the motor bike when it’s not flying. Little Red Riding Hood is on the side. She has a basket with a pizza as well as three bottles of Fosters for grandma. We don’t have a wolf, but we put a pig behind the tree instead.

That’s all that‘s in our Krippe. In the evening we turn on the lamps and then it really comes to life. We sit around and sing carols, some I like, others are boring. I like the naughty ones my grandfather invented best, but we only sing them at home when no-one else is around!

In no time Advent is over and Christmas too. Then the old year is gone. One thing is certain: Advent will be with us again next year and who knows what new additions will find their way into our Krippe.

From “Schüleraufsatz“ – author unknown, translated and adapted by Resi Schwarzbauer and edited by Herta Uhlherr.