Festive Poems and Stories for the time before Christmas


The following pages are devoted to ideas that can be used to get into the festive mood, be it at school, a pre-Christmas function, or in the home. The idea is to decorate the tables with fine tablecloths, candles, fir twigs and other Christmas decorations. The poems and stories are to be dispersed amongst the many beautiful Christmas carols, that so many of us enjoy singing. Afterwards, Christmas cakes and cookies can be served with tea and coffee.

There is a special section for poems to read when lighting the candles.

Also included are;

  • information on traditions

  • Advent and Christmas poems

  • Christmas stories – quite short and to the point (some reflective and others amusing) as evident from the list below there are plenty to choose from.

  1. Poems for lighting candles on Advent Wreath
    (a) On the Advent wreath bright and green.
    (b) Light a candle for our loving. (printed sheet – light-a-candle-for-our-loving)
    (c) As soon as the first candle flame.
    (d) A candle for a world of peace.
    (e) When the first candle is alight.
    f) Advent candles

  2. Advent Poems
    (a) When four candles are alight.
    (b) The magic of this quiet time.
    (c) Today we set the first candle alight.

  3. Christmas Poems
    (a) Christmas wish.
    (b) Giving
    (c) Christmas is near
    (d) Soon it will be Christmas.
    (e) Wonderful Christmas.
    (f) The Christmas Star.
    (g) The little Christmas tree.
    (h) The dream.
    i) The festive season was drawing near.
    (j) The three wise men.
    k) The story of lametta

  4. Stories to Read
    (a) The story of the little thread,
    (b) Advent – a child’s view.
    (c) The story of two people.
    (d) The headstrong pepper-nut biscuit.
    (e) The Christmas goose Augusta.
    (f) The Christ child that disappeared.
    (g) The shepherd that was there at the birth.
    (h)The fir tree.
    (i)The wrong Christmas present.
    (j) The little donkey and the manger.
    (k) The gift of the wise magi.
    (l) The present from God.
    (m) The unexpected present.
    (n) Joseph Mohr and the story of ‘Silent Night’.
    (o) Silent Night and the Christmas Truce.
    (p) What the candle said.
    (q)The angel that did not want to sing.
    (r) No room at the inn!
    (s) Christmas in the orphanage.
    (t) Timely Christmas.
    (u) Fickle Christmas.
    v) An ungrateful child
    w) Ben’s Christmas wish
    (x) The defiant Advent Candle
    ( y) Mary and the Apple Tree
    (z) The Christmas Surprise
    (i) A very special tree
    (ii) Somewhere in the world
    iii) The defiant Advent Candle
    iv) Mary and the Apple Tree
    v) Vanity and Celebration
    vi) Christmas Surprise
    vii) Wyoming Christmas
    viii) When Christmas was banned
    ix) Star of Hope

  5. 5. Information on Traditions
    (a) The Advent Calendar.
    (b) Christmas Cards.
    (c) Christmas Market.
    (d) Traditional Christmas Decorations
    (e) The Christmas Crib.
    (f) The Magi also referred to as the Three Wise Men.
    (g) The first Advent wreath.

    6. German poems
    (a) Oh Tannenbaum

poems2 poems3 poems2