(h) The Dream

I lay in bed, was fast asleep,
and dreamt that I could see
before me on our table there,
a stately Christmas tree.

With countless coloured lights that shone
And sparkled all around,
Suspended from its branches were
gold apples bright and round.

Fine dolls of sugar hung there too –
Oh, such a wondrous sight!
All I could wish for there I saw,
It gave me great delight.

And as I stood there marvelling
before this lovely tree,
I reached out for an apple, then
it vanished in front of me.

At that I woke up from my dream
darkness was all around.
Tell me oh lovely Christmas tree,
where can you now be found?

It was as if it called to me.
“Be good to all you know,
I’ll surely reappear to you –
now back to sleep you go”.

If you are good, obedient,
your dream will soon come true,
a wondrous Christmas tree will then
be surely brought to you.

From the poem “Der Traum”, by Hoffmann von Fallersleben 1798 – 1874. Translated by Resi Schwarzbauer and edited by Herta Uhlherr 2009 ©