1. (a) Poems for Spring

1 (a).1. Butterfly you lovely thing

Butterfly you lovely thing
Let us dance to welcome spring
Dancing high dancing low
Round and round and round we go.
Dancing, dancing in the breeze
Dancing, dancing as we please.
Dancing, dancing in the breeze
Dancing as we please.

Butterfly you lovely thing,
Let us dance to welcome spring.
Dancing high dancing low,
Round and round once more we go.
Dancing, dancing fancy free,
Dancing, dancing happily,
Dancing, dancing fancy free,
Dancing happily.
©Resi Schwarzbauer
Note – This poem is based on the German Song ‘Schmetterling du kleines Ding.‘. The song can be heard on u tube. The words above can be sung to this tune. An illustrated sheet can be obtained by clicking the link.

1 (a).2. Snails

While other kids my age had dogs
My source of joy was snails,
I kept in the letter box
Where they chewed and ate the mail.

I fed them leaves and chook mash
Which they tracked across each letter.
My mum just got a knife and scraped it off
So she could read the letter better.

I sometimes used to race them
And sometimes set them free.
My favourite ones had painted backs
And were kept in bed with me.

They were my pets till I was ten
Until one fateful time.
The postman dropped a parcel in
And they all got squashed to slime.
By Pam Smith ©


(b) Crafts for Spring

Here are a few examples of crafts from Crafts for All Seasons – Spring. More examples can be viewed by clicking on link above. In time I hope to include more activities that you are free to download.

 Scan10021    Scan10331    Scan10041

2. Poems for Summer

a. I am building a sandcastle
I am building a sandcastle
So high so high so high,
I am building a sandcastle
To reach up to the sky.
O dear now the tide’s come in,
And waves are on their way
O dear now the tide’s come in,
And washed it all away.
By Resi Schwarzbauer ©
Note – this poem can be acted out by pretending to build the castle and pointing to the sky. Also raising arms for the line – the tide’s come in and acting out the waves and then the act of ‘washing the sandcastle away’.

b. Collecting Shells
Collecting shells, collecting shells,
Is such a nice thing to do,
Collecting shells, collecting shells,
Please let me show them to you.

Beautiful shells, beautiful shells,
On the sandy beach I’ve found,
Beautiful shells, beautiful shells,
Some large, some small, some round.

Colourful shells, colourful shells,
yellow, blue, purple and green,
Colourful shells, colourful shells,
How they glisten and they gleam.

Wonderful shells, wonderful shells,
Lying on the yellow sand,
Wonderful shells, wonderful shells,
So many are in my hand.
By Resi Schwarzbauer ©

c. Two fish
Two fish are swimming in the deep blue sea
Two fish are swimming so very merrily
They swim up high, they swim down low,
They swim so fast, they swim so slow
They swim to the left and to the right,
They swim very quickly out of sight.
by Resi Schwarzbauer ©
Note – for this poem, children can use their hand to pretend to be the two fish and act out the movements.

2. (b) Crafts for Summer

Here are a few examples of Crafts for All Seasons – Summer

Scan10031  Scan10028  Scan10030  Scan10029

3. Poems for Autumn

a. The leaves on the maple tree
The green leaves on the maple tree,
Turn yellow, orange, red and brown,
They flutter in the autumn wind,
And slowly float towards the ground.
By Resi Schwarzbauer ©

b. Colours of Autumn
The first leaf is yellow
The second leaf is brown,
The third leaf is orange,
They’re lying on the ground,
The fourth leaf is bright red
It’s hanging on the tree.
It’s falling to the ground,
To join the other three.
Here comes the autumn wind,
And up and down they go,
They dance around the tree
As the wind starts to blow.
By Resi Schwarzbauer ©

c. When the autumn wind blows
When the autumn wind does blow
Out to the fields I go.
And let my kite fly up high
Up in the cloudy sky.

And it wiggles with his ears
And wiggles with its tail,
And it does a merry dance,
As through the clouds it sails.
By Resi Schwarzbauer ©
Note – this poem is based on the German song ‘Wenn der frische Herbstwind weht’. – There are notes and u tube sections featuring this song – so it can be sung in English.

4. Poems for Winter

a. I am building a snowman
I am building a snowman,
A snowman big fat and white
I am building a snowman,
He’s a really lovely sight.
Now the sun is coming out
And it’s such a sunny day
Now the sun is coming out
And it’s melting him away.
By Resi Schwarzbauer ©